Never-ending romance

Never- ending romance

You said,
you'll always be there,
when I need you,
but I ask, where are you. Where?

You said,
your love will never end,
when I need it,
but it's not here, what do you attend?

And now,
I'm standing in the rain,
waiting for your love, and hope,
one time, you'll can explain.

Is it over,
how I predicted,
this never-ending romance,
it will end, when I don't suspect it.

Can't believe it,
don't want you to miss,
I want you back,
just a minute, just a kiss.

Why does it hurt like this?
Why can't I see what I feel,
don't want you to miss,
don't want you to repeal.

Where has my love gone to?
Straight in your heart?
But I have to ask you:
Will you depart?
14.11.07 19:56

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